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Pyrography is an ancient craft dating back thousands of years. It involves the burning of designs onto items, usually wooden, but it is also often used on leather and cork. 

Old methods include heating a metal poker on the fire until it is hot enough to burn wood, but today we use more elaborate pyrography tools or even lasers to burn the pattern onto the wood.

Our Methods

Here at Woodstyle, we like to mix old methods of pyrography with new. Therefore, some of our items are burned using a traditional pyrography pen, others are laser burned using modern technology and some are a mixture of both !

Once burned, all items are finished with two coats of clear varnish for protection. 

Please note that although there is consistency with our products, wood is a natural product and the grain, textures and knots within the wood mean that no two items are ever exactly the same.

Likewise, each and every item in our Hand Burned Range is obviously finished by hand and therefore there will be slight differences from product to product.

Our aim is to provide good quality wooden products at affordable prices.